People of Beam Suntory: Farah Williams

People of Beam Suntory Farah Williams

People of Beam Suntory: Farah Williams


“As a leader, I believe in investing in the next batch of leaders that are coming up after me. There are many junior employees at Beam Suntory that are doing some amazing things, and I believe it is important to create an environment where leaders can not only mentor young talent but learn from them as well. Honestly, I can be a bit of an intense mentor, which may rub people the wrong way at first. However, I believe it is my passion and drive to uplift people to be the best versions of themselves - based on their own definition - that allow me to make genuine connections and learn from so many individuals within the company.


It makes me feel good to be able to invest and push people to do their best. I tell people that my time is valuable, so if you come to me for mentorship, I need you to put your all into whatever you plan to do. Even with my daughters, I will push as hard as they push to achieve their goals. So, whether they want to practice their jump shot in basketball late at night or learn a new language, I am there to support and guide them, making the necessary sacrifices to ensure they achieve their ambitions. As a manager, I take the same approach. I know I’m responsible for my team’s development, so I’m always thinking of opportunities or projects they can work on to gain exposure, develop more skills and be better equipped to rise to the occasion when faced with new challenges.


I try to approach a lot of the things I do with a Yatte Minahare mindset – one of our Beam Suntory core values – which encourages us to put bold ideas in motion and be resourceful in overcoming challenges. I embody this mindset in my day-to-day life, and if I observe a process that’s not delivering results, I’ll come in and disrupt what’s not working and find innovative solutions to create change. I encourage my team and mentees to take on this mindset because it pushes them forward, ensuring success in their endeavors. I also believe Yatte Minahare is about being comfortable with the uncomfortable.


Throughout my life, I have had experiences where I had to be uncomfortable. For instance, 13 years ago, I left my role in which I had been recently promoted to be a trailing spouse in support of my wife’s career in Zurich, Switzerland. We had no connections to the language or culture and had no network. Despite struggling initially, I took German courses, learned about European culture, and joined a network of global expats, becoming a global citizen within a year. That experience helped shape me into the leader I am today, allowing me to have empathy and be authentic with everything I do. “


Farah Williams— FP&A Director - International Region, Spain 

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