People of Beam Suntory: Kabelo Maselo

People of Beam Suntory Kabelo Maselo

People of Beam Suntory: Kabelo Maselo

“I love people. I love creating personal and professional relationships and hearing people’s stories. I support our consumers, constantly interacting with them and providing the brand knowledge that I have acquired within the 4 years that I have been in this role. I really enjoy getting to work with our consumers every day. Marketing is my passion - understanding consumer behaviors and how our brands shape their lives is what truly excites me.


Recently, I started getting involved with the marketing department, attending agency meetings, brand activations and helping on projects. They’ve really taken me under their wings and have advocated for me to be involve me as much as possible.


I’m studying for my marketing degree part-time online while working. The industry has changed drastically since the pandemic, and I’m gaining firsthand experience on how marketing has adapted to our new life in the past few years.


Earlier this year, I got the opportunity to attend a Wimbledon x Sipsmith® event. The brand has been in partnership with the Tennis Championship across the globe in the last few years to bring specialty cocktails, event activations, and more throughout the Championship. I got the chance to observe and network with people in the media and influencers. Opportunities like this aren’t always available at other companies, so I feel lucky that Beam Suntory cares about my passions and my career aspirations. My ideas are heard, and I’m constantly encouraged by my mentors to think and create without limits.


The best piece of advice I’ve received from a mentor is to be myself at work and be proud of what I can contribute, not limit myself even though I’m in a transition period. My voice matters.”


- Kabelo Maselo, Customer Service Agent, South Africa

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