People of Beam Suntory: Max Shen

People of Beam Suntory: Max Shen

People of Beam Suntory: Max Shen


"In China, I am the main IT person and seen as the “IT expert” for everything. I enjoy it. When I reflect on my greatest achievements at Beam Suntory, I think about projects like the product QR code® solution or the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that I implemented. But also, how I have helped people and enabled them to fully use our available tools in their everyday work-life.


I work with many different parts of the business, and often, when I help someone with a technology issue or provide a new solution, I learn something in the process. I learn a great deal from my colleagues at work. My boss has been a reliable resource in many different ways. From coaching me to have a healthy work-life balance to advancing my global project management skills. He also encouraged me to study for my Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) at a prestigious university in Shanghai. His guidance, along with what I’ve been learning in my program, has given me the confidence I need to deliver value in my work, especially when working for one of the fastest growing spirits companies in China.


In the pandemic, my parents moved in with my wife, son and me. I’m the only engineer and IT professional. So, while we all have different roles, I’m often the problem solver, showing everyone how to fix things or teaching them to use a new app. No matter how complex or simple it may be, helping my family, friends and colleagues use technology is something that has become part of my life.


I believe in the power of technology and its worth. So if I can help those around me learn a new skill, I’m eager to do so.  And oftentimes, teaching helps me learn and refine some of my newer skills. With technology constantly evolving, I value any learning opportunity I can get."


- Max Shen, Global IT Manager, Shanghai, China


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