Alberto Lozano, Procurement Manager in Madrid, to Participate in Yatte Minahare Challenge

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Alberto Lozano, Procurement Manager in Madrid, to Participate in Yatte Minahare Challenge

Alberto Lozano, Directs & Plant Integration Manager – Global Procurement, will embark on an ambitious Yatte Minahare challenge, inspired by our parent company Suntory’s “Yatte Minahare!” spirit of dreaming big, to run several of the biggest marathons in the world – Berlin, London, Boston, New York City and Chicago – in the same calendar year, completing each marathon in less than three hours.


With support from the International Region, Alberto is raising funds to support SEO Birdlife, Spain’s leading ornithological society. Alberto loves walking in the mountains and watching birds, and so he’s proud to support an organization that supports them and their natural habitats.


“Every day, I strive to improve myself and have a positive impact those around me,” Alberto said. “By taking on this Yatte Minahare challenge, I can also benefit a great organization with a cause I am passionate about.”


A Madrid native, Alberto joined Beam Suntory in June 2018. As a Procurement Manager for Spain, he is responsible for international project coordination. Currently, he is working on global sustainability for procurement with suppliers, as well as a project with Suntory over a platform called Sedex, designed to regulate child labor among suppliers. Although he’s based in Madrid, he works closely with the Segovia team.


“I really enjoy working at Beam because of the energy of the people and the dynamism of the company,” Alberto said. “I feel as though I have full support of the company in my pursuit to achieve this goal.”


Since graduating from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in 2011, Alberto has extensive work experience in both engineering and procurement, including a stint in Mexico supporting construction of an electrical power plant.


“To this point, working in Mexico was the most amazing experience in my life,” said Alberto. “I was able to fully immerse in another society and culture. I also had to work beyond even what I thought I was capable of to adapt to the role as a team manager.”


Alberto has always enjoyed sports and fitness. Growing up, he played football, and rugby at university though he’s always felt a sense of freedom while running.


“I’m really looking forward to crossing the finish line at the New York City Marathon with my arms raised and crying with joy,” Alberto said. “This Yatte Minahare challenge is a dream. I never imagined it was possible. I am determined to represent myself and Beam Suntory well.”


Alberto likes to spend his free time travelling, watching movies and TV series, snowboarding and alpinism, or mountain climbing.

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