Beam Suntory lights up travel retail with innovative Paris-inspired Courvoisier® Artisan Edition Gift Pack

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Beam Suntory lights up travel retail with innovative Paris-inspired Courvoisier® Artisan Edition Gift Pack


March 21, 2017 - Beam Suntory GTR has announced the release of a new gift pack for leading cognac brand, Courvoisier®. Set for release in April 2017, the Limited Edition gift pack is inspired by Courvoisier’s sophisticated style and Parisian heritage.


Courvoisier® Artisan Edition VSOP Triple Oak is delicately enclosed within a tactile metal secondary case in a rich gold with detailed die-cut lattice work that evokes the image of Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower; once open it can be used as a pair of candle holders to create a beautiful play of shadow and light.




The gift pack follows the release of Courvoisier’s travel retail exclusive range at the beginning of 2016, the Artisan Edition collection. Paying homage to the Golden Age of Paris, Courvoisier® Artisan Edition highlights the brand’s craft credentials and luxury cues; from the human spirit to the traditional processes that come together to create one of the world’s finest cognacs.


Michael Cockram, Global Marketing Manager GTR, Beam Suntory says: “Influenced by the strength and beauty of the Eiffel Tower itself we wanted to create a unique and sophisticated gift that would both disrupt at shelf and have a secondary purpose in order to prolong the brand experience at home.


“Courvoisier® continues to lead innovation in cognac across travel retail and we look forward to sharing the Golden Age of Paris with travellers across the world with the Artisan Edition gift pack. This elegant lantern marks the next chapter in Courvoisier’s long history of excellence and luxury, demonstrating the contemporary approach expected from a brand that has always been a pioneer in its field, from the 1800s right up to the present day.”




Courvoisier® has built an international reputation for producing one of the finest cognacs over almost two hundred years. Its entrepreneurial founders, Louis Gallois and Emmanuel Courvoisier, founded the brand in Paris in the early 1800s. As the business flourished, it gained renown and acclaim citywide before becoming the supplier to Emperor Napoleon III.


The ultimate blend of art, science, engineering, hedonism, excitement, glamour and decadence, Paris’ Golden Age was synonymous with progression and ingenuity. At its beating heart lay the ‘iron lady’, the Eiffel Tower - a glittering symbol of the city’s accomplishments. It was at the inauguration of this engineering masterpiece that Courvoisier® was chosen as the toast of Paris, becoming the celebratory drink of choice during the period in history.


From the selection of trees to make the new oak barrels, to the mastery of cask and cellar selection during maturation – wood, craftsmanship and the ageing process are vital in the craft of the exquisite Courvoiser® Artisan Edition collection. For more information visit


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