Irish Single Malt Whiskey crosses another finish line with the realease of the Tyrconnell® 16 year old limited edition

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Irish Single Malt Whiskey crosses another finish line with the realease of the Tyrconnell® 16 year old limited edition


Chicago, IL (March 7, 2017) – In 1876, people gathered at The Curragh, considered Ireland’s most important thoroughbred racecourse, to watch the 10th running of the National Produce Stakes Horse Race. A beautiful, chestnut brown two year old colt took his place at the starting gate. Nose flaring, jockey set to go, the colt was ready to run.


The name of this chestnut colt was Tyrconnell and, as he ran down the home stretch to incredulous cheering, history was made. Tyrconnell crossed the finish line in first place, victorious against all odds. The surprise win captured the imagination of the assembled crowd, which included the Watts, a local family who had built a thriving whiskey distillery. They choose to commemorate the occasion by creating a limited edition, small batch whiskey that bore the name of the champion. Now, more than 140 years later, The Tyrconnell brand continues to push the boundaries with the special release of The Tyrconnell® 16 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey.


The Watts intended to make The Tyrconnell just once, but it ended up becoming their most popular whiskey, even claimed to have been the best-selling Irish whiskey in America before Prohibition. Today, The Tyrconnell is still running strong and this release marks a new chapter of innovation and imagination for the brand. Due to its age and rarity, only a limited quantity has been produced.


“Just as Tyrconnell, the racehorse, galloped to victory with unwavering concentration, the same focus and attention is given to creating every bottle of this unique Irish single malt whiskey,” says John Cashman, Global Brand Ambassador. “When looking for a new single malt expression to raise the bar for Irish whiskey, we knew right away that The Tyrconnell 16 Year Old would showcase the magic of the brand’s signature double distillation and expertise in aging, providing fans with a rich, complex spirit.”


The Tyrconnell is made of just two ingredients – the finest Irish barley and pure Irish spring water. These two simple materials are transformed by experienced hands into an Irish whiskey like no other. Produced in traditional pot stills, The Tyrconnell is one of a rare few Irish whiskeys that utilizes double distillation, allowing more of the rich and natural flavors of The Tyrconnell to remain. This creates a whiskey that carries a delicate flavor atop a creamier, more viscous presence.


The Tyrconnell matures in American Oak ex-bourbon barrels in the mild Irish climate. The agreeable environment allows for a consistent maturation which results in an approachable rich, malty whiskey with a round and lingering finish. The Tyrconnell 16 Year Old showcases the benefit of extra aging which exaggerates its trademark notes of green fruit and pear and emphasizes the aroma of stewed pear, coupled with light citrus and green apple skin. The best way to enjoy this sipping whiskey is on the rocks or neat to showcase the fruit on the nose, its rich flavor and spicy finish.


THE TYRCONNELL 16 YEAR OLD TASTING NOTES | 46% ABV NOSE | Plenty of fruit, melon, green fruit, candied pear, vanilla custard and coconut TASTE | Initially oily and viscous followed by the inevitable fruit explosion, finishing with a dry almond coating FINISH | A very long, herbal spice-rich finish


The Tyrconnell 16 Year Old joins The Tyrconnell family which also includes award winning expressions created to elevate the Irish whiskey sipping experience. The portfolio includes The Tyrconnell and a collection of three 10 Year Old Cask Finishes (Madeira, Port and Sherry). This limited release expression is now available in select U.S. markets with a suggested retail price of $100.00 (750ml).

Ken Ruff, VP of National Accounts, On-Premise
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