Ken Ruff, VP of National Accounts, On-Premise

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Ken Ruff, VP of National Accounts, On-Premise


Ken Ruff, VP of national accounts for on-premise, has impacted more than our business in his 28 years at Beam Suntory. Inspired by a family he met in a supermarket in 2009, in which a soldier, his wife and infant could not afford their holiday groceries, Ken picked up the $12 cost, and then kick-started Holiday Meals for Military Families. The program, led by Operation Homefront, will provide 8,500 meals kits on 25 bases this holiday season. Ken embodies our core values of working hard, having fun, and making a difference fast. (Link to full story below)


What attracted you to Beam Suntory?

I was recruited following a few acquisitions.  I saw a company with great spirit, great potential, and above all GREAT people.


What keeps you here?

I love working in National Accounts, On-Premise. We have tons of great customers.  It is very competitive and very exciting.


How would you describe the team you work with (your colleagues)?  

I have the best sales and marketing team that I ever have had. We continue to re-invent ourselves daily by developing great new promotions for our brands. All of us learn something new every day.


If you could switch jobs for a day and do anything in the whole Beam Suntory organization, what would it be?  

Well, let me see…domestically, it probably would be to work a day with R&D and to try all the new product ideas in my head. Or, internationally, I would want to work with the master distillers at Yamazaki or Hakushu.


How has working at Beam Suntory made a difference in your career?

Being at Beam Suntory has made me a better manager, better worker and a better person. I feel challenged and I feel like I make a difference.


How do you feel you’re making a difference at the company?

I feel like everything we do can make a difference. I love helping, teaching and coaching others on our team and in our industry.


What is your favorite Beam Suntory product?

Wow, maybe the hardest question of all.  I like different products at different times of the year. My favorites are Maker’s Mark and Booker’s, because of the Samuels and Noe Families.


Did you ever dream that $12 in groceries could lead to feeding 8,500 military families?

No, but that is the kind of company we work for. When I first floated the idea to (Chief Human Resources Officer) Paula Erickson she endorsed and encouraged it.  The rest is a lucky chain of events embraced by a ton of people in our company that believe in the power of “good”.  This program would not have made it without the support of our plant, field sales, key distributors, the Jim Beam brand team and the PR department.

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