Bowmore® And Aston Martin: Masters Reunite for The Introduction Of Masters’ Selection 22 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

bowmore and aston martin masters reunite for the introduction of masters selection 22 year old single malt scotch whisky

Bowmore® And Aston Martin: Masters Reunite for The Introduction Of Masters’ Selection 22 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Masters’ Selection second edition celebrates exceptional synchronicity.

Chicago, IL (February 6, 2023) – Bowmore® Single Malt Scotch Whisky announces the arrival of Masters’ Selection 22 Year Old Single Malt Whisky in the US. The most recent release in the storied partnership between Bowmore and Aston Martin, Bowmore® has an inherent appreciation as to how time comes to bear on the character of the whisky, and how time past has shaped today.  

Rooted in intentionality, Bowmore makes whiskies this way on purpose, shaping every drop, adding depth and distinction of flavor to shape its multi-dimensional single malt. It is this precise ethos that shapes and drives Bowmore’s collaboration with the ultra-luxury British brand, Aston Martin.  It is a partnership built on a true coming together of heritage and innovation, and while originating from two very different, if not contrasting, worlds the two companies share a synchronicity that unites and creates a strong bond that bridges these distinctive worlds.  And this bond evolves from the partnership of the two Masters, who each lead their areas of expertise with vision and vigor. In celebration of this extraordinary meeting of minds, we unveil the second iteration of our inspired Masters’ Selection series, Bowmore Aston Martin Masters’ Selection 22 Year Old, a single malt capturing a harmonizing force in both its presence and its character.

Marek Reichman, Chief Creative Officer, Aston Martin, said, “For Aston Martin, we are always striving to push the boundaries, be that design, engineering, or performance, to achieve the very best in each car we create.  We are fueled by passion, but also by the partnership.  In coming together with Bowmore, we can imagine, discover, and create together, taking inspiration from one another constantly.   Working together to create synergies and bridges between our two worlds feels very natural so we’ve achieved a powerful harmony built on mutual respect, trust, and understanding.”

Ron Welsh, Master Blender, Bowmore, said “We talk about shared synergies between the contrasting worlds of Bowmore and Aston Martin and this is what truly defines the relationship Marek and I have formed.  We have relished in the opportunity to share experiences, ideas, and thoughts from each other’s worlds, listening and learning from the inherent skill, knowledge, and creativity we both possess.  In collaborating as guardians of our respective legacies, we recognize the honor bestowed upon us.

This whisky absolutely captures this synchronized creativity as it brings two distinct parts together, in this case, American Oak hogsheads with Sherry butts. But also uniting two different millennia, with whisky distilled in 1997 and 2000 respectively.  It delivers a character of two distinct, synchronized parts, much like our two Masters. Beginning with fragrances of honey sweetness, peach, and apricot, yet evolving into bolder medicinal aromas, with fresh tobacco, cloves, and eucalyptus. The palate is treated to another contrast of character, yet this time with a maritime feel giving an initial medicinal, salty taste that gives way to sweetness in the form of honey, and then an intriguing note of fresh oysters lingers that brings it back to Islay, along with the subtle peat smoke on the mouth drying finish.

The story of this whisky sees Bowmore’s Master Whisky Blender skillfully seeking the optimal nurture of spirit in cask. From sampling different cask styles to defining the character they all align behind; this is true collaboration at its finest. By sharing experiences, ideas, and thoughts, they explore each other’s worlds, listening and learning from the skills they all champion, taking inspiration to shape this latest creation.

Bowmore Masters’ Selection Edition 2 22 Year Old is the second release in the collectible series available in key global markets including the UK, Germany, Canada, USA and China. Presented at 51.5% ABV with a US suggested retail price of $450, available in the US as of January 2023.

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Notes To Editors:

CASK TYPES: American Oak hogsheads with Sherry butts
AGE: 22 Years Old
ABV: 51.5%

Tasting notes 

ON THE EYE: Deep copper 
BREATHE IN: Sweet and fruity notes of heather honey, vanilla, cherries, and lychees with a floral character and a hint of eucalyptus. Oak spices, licorice and fresh tobacco leaves with a touch of aniseed and mint.
TASTE: Malty spice notes of vanilla fudge, golden syrup, and butterscotch, with thyme and white pepper, woody notes of dry oak, hazelnut, demerara sugar, and maple syrup and dates.
SAVOR: Sweet and woody with notes of licorice sticks deliver a spicy mouth feel and a touch of peat smoke.


For over 240 years, the Bowmore Distillery has been capturing the essence of Islay from the shores of its remote island home. Shaped by centuries of skill and tradition, Bowmore’s single malt harnesses the power of this time in every single drop, defined by the past and savored in the present.

Time is defining at Bowmore® and we tirelessly harness the power of time to shape our whiskies. Our distillery’s adherence to traditional production methods helps to shape the character of our fruity and smoky single malts. Today, we are among one of a few distilleries which still produces its own floor-malted barley, hand-turned by a traditional wooden malt shovel and hand-drawn machinery.  Water for the whiskies is especially drawn from the Laggan River, with its rich peaty overtones – the same Islay peat that fires the malt-drying kiln.

Bowmore® Distillery's proximity to the sea is also vital in determining the final character of its spirit and gives a hint of sea air to the character. The legendary Bowmore® No. 1 Vaults is where most of the whiskies spend their long lives resting quietly in the cool, dark, damp cellars below sea level, oblivious to the waves thrashing the vault's sea-facing wall.

Matured in oak casks, previously used for bourbon, sherry, or claret, over time developing rich and mellow flavors until the expertise of our whisky makers deems them ready for bottling.  It is this combination of peat, barley, sea breeze, water, wood, people, and tradition that makes Bowmore the exceptional single malt it is today.

Time is marked on each and every bottle of Bowmore, proudly and boldly as a marker of where and when each one’s journey began.  This is our story of time. This is Bowmore; the Art of Time since 1779.


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Aston Martin Lagonda is a luxury automotive group focused on the creation of exclusive cars and SUVs. The iconic Aston Martin brand fuses the latest technology, exceptional hand craftsmanship and timeless design to produce models including the Vantage, DB11, DBS Superleggera and the new SUV, DBX.  Based in Gaydon, England, Aston Martin Lagonda designs, creates and exports cars which are sold in 51 countries around the world.

Lagonda was founded in 1899 and Aston Martin in 1913. The two brands came together in 1947 when both were purchased by the late Sir David Brown.

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