Courvoisier® Cognac unveils exclusive artistic collaborations as part of its “Exceptional Journey” campaign

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Courvoisier® Cognac unveils exclusive artistic collaborations as part of its “Exceptional Journey” campaign

Deerfield, IL. (November 12, 2015) – Courvoisier®, one of the world’s leading luxury cognacs, is proud to unveil two new artistic collaborations as part of its "Exceptional Journey" campaign. Drawing on Courvoisier’s rich Parisian heritage and dedication to excellence in its craft, the pairings bring renowned artistic talent from France and the U.S. together to create truly one-of-a-kind art.

As part of the collaboration initiative, American cubist painter Jack Laroux and iconic French outerwear company K-Way bridged art and fashion to design a vibrant one-of-a-kind jacket, while fashion house EN NOIR teamed up with French creative studio and design lab Bonsoir Paris on a contemporary art installation.

“The ‘Exceptional Journey’ campaign is a celebration of life’s aspirations and the moments of achievement along the way, much like those in Courvoisier’s own exceptional journey which began more than 200 years ago.” said Malini Patel, VP World Whiskies and Cognac at Beam Suntory.

"As passionate trailblazers pursuing excellence in their crafts, these artists and designers are the embodiment of this campaign, and we are thrilled to see how Courvoisier’s story inspired their outstanding collaborative pieces."

Both limited edition pieces pay homage to the brand's rich French heritage and spirit of innovation, fusing unique design elements and techniques from each collaborator:
Jack Laroux and K-Way: A truly bespoke jacket featuring one of Jack Laroux's original psychedelic paintings, based on the Greek god Poseidon and resembling stained or shattered glass. Laroux’s image is incorporated onto a sleek jacket designed by K-Way, the iconic French clothier known for modern lines and lightweight versatility.

Bonsoir Paris and EN NOIR: A large format, avant-garde aluminum sculpture by French creative studio Bonsoir Paris utilizing a series of garment imagery from Rob Garcia's contemporary fashion house, EN NOIR. The multi-piece installation employed a rich wavy, crinkled texture mirroring the very unique fabrics used in EN NOIR's garments.
To watch behind-the-scenes videos of each artistic collaboration or to learn more about the “Exceptional Journey” campaign, please visit

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